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Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs

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Descripción de Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs

Take care of a pigs’ livestock in a brand new farm game! Farm, animals and tractor games come together in Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs. Become a proficient farmer - raise herds, harvest crops, trade livestock, do whatever a farmer does. Heavy machinery will help to take care of your animals herds. Livestock is a keystone of your farm.

Features of Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs:

- Unique pigs breeding

- Livestock management

- Career and tutorial modes

- Realistic farmer machinery

- And it’s all free!

- Market and economy

- Crops harvest

Use machinery to harvest crops feed your pigs livestock. Fuel and repair will keep machinery working. Good farmer always has both harvest machinery and livestock intact. Like in tractor games, in our farmer simulator you can drive various machinery. Pigs farm with all fun stuff!

Feed your pigs livestock well, sell extra harvest - that’s how a farmer works. Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs offers activities of a real farmer. Herd needs food - harvest it! Livestock needs water - bring it! Farm needs cash - earn it! Trading pigs is your main business in Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs.

Tutorial will teach the ways of a farmer in machinery, harvest and breeding in simulator. Career mode will allow to work as farmer on your pigs farm as you like. Running a farm with huge livestock and machinery is a fun challenge. The simulator will test your skills in machinery driving and pigs breeding. Farm means work! Combining animals’ and tractor games in one farmer simulator doubles work and fun.

Do you want to have your own pig farm? Euro Farm Simulator: pigs is your chance!

Become a true farmer with Euro Farm Simulator: pigs!

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Versión 1.0
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